Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zombie Week: Day 6: Dead Set Serious

Dead. Set. SERIOUS. Is like...really serious. Okay, not really. Basically this is fictional Big Brother set with zombies. Also gotta say right off the bat, I was misled into thinking this was a movie, but whatevs, I already watched it so here goes.

Dead Set Serious (2008) is a british t.v. mini series created by Charlie Brooker and directed by Yann Demange. As I mentioned previously, it's fictional version of a british Big Brother and while everyone in the house is busy trying to figure out how to attract more attention to themselves, there is a zombie outbreak occurring on the outside. As the cast bicker and fight among each other over petty issues they remain oblivious to the chaos taking place beyond their little studio set. They only vaguely start to suspect something is not quite right when they start to feel ignored by the crew.  

Yup...real reality.
I never got on the Big Brother bandwagon to be honest, but it doesn't seem any different from any other 'reality' show. You know, when you put semi-attractive and not-so-attractive "young" adults in a house with hot tubs and booze and wait for dramatic situations to occur in order to take them out of context later and make a really big deal out of them...I mean watch humans in their natural habitats being totes real. Totes...real.
Dead set serious really doesn't waste any time bringing in the zombie action, though there's never a clear explanation for the outbreak. One of the things I enjoy most about z-movies, and feel free to think me a sadist, is the manner in which society abruptly crumbles. Just like that, the rules that govern society, that keeps the masses civil, everything that you've ever known. Gone.
Sadly. :c
So for those of you who love a good blood bath with a side of chaos, that is definitely served at the beginning of this movie.
It's a very fast paced plot that will, without doubt, keep you on the edge of your seat. And with the cast being mostly full of idiots, you know you're in for a lot of 'close calls'.

The effects in my opinion were pretty awesome and definitely added to the gory magic of the show, even if the zombies did have weird clicky sounds that reminded me of that asian chick from The Grudge.
Still not as creepy looking as that grudge chick.

What I also find special about this show is the satire in it, it resembles that of George Romero in his z-movies. It's a really good social criticism I think, the whole 'zombies watching zombies', but you'll get that if you watch the show. I hope you do, because the plot is good, the action and gore are awesome and even when you're rooting for the zombies to win because the cast is idiotic some if not most of the time, they are somewhat likeable. Emphasis on somewhat.

So here's the trailer, have a look and be the judge. I give this movie a solid 4/5.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Zombie Week: Day 5: Zombie Strippers

Ok...I've been slacking off with the reviews and I apologize, but here it is:

Zombie? Strippers? Zombie strippers? Did the possibility even cross your mind? Ha, mine either. 

Directed and written by Jay Lee, Zombie Strippers (2008) is exactly just that; zombie strippers. Takes place somewhere in the "near future" when a chemo-virus that is meant to re-animate dead soldiers so
that they may continue fighting even after death is released. A special squad made to exterminate such outbreaks almost succeeds, when one of its members is bitten, afraid of also being exterminated, the infected soldier accidentally  lands in a strip club, owned by Ianna Esco (Robert Englund), and attacks Kat (Jenna Jameson), Esco's star stripper. Once infected Kat has only two things in mind; stripping and eating. So it's not long before shit hits the fan.

I love B movies, and every now and then it is such a pleasure to find a diamond in the rough among the underrated B movies, but this...was simply not the case. Zombie Strippers is the kind of movie where what you see is what you get. The cover and title are visibly cheap and trashy, what else can I say? It's a terrible movie overall, but it is still watchable. I sat through it and found myself chuckling a couple of times. I mean how do you take something so nasty as rotting cadavers and try to make it sexy? 
You must have the weirdest boner right now.

The zombie makeup in this movie was pretty good, I liked the transition the female zombies took from fresh zombie to 'stankeh' rotting corpses.

Also some of the kills were pretty cool looking despite looking like obvious plastic props.
I guess Kat caught his tongue. Geddit? Ha... >.>

So, final verdict? The cool zombie make-up, few good lines nor Mister Robert Englund were enough to save this movie from disaster.

Sorry Englund.
Fuck you Shyamalan, just Fuck you.

But that doesn't mean it's completely bad. I mean, who doesn't like to watch a good train wreck? Unless it's an M.Knight Shyamalan film...

Anyhows, you'll either love it or hate it, or rewind just to watch some zombie boobie action. Either way it could have always been worse, so I give this movie a 2.5/5.

Oh, one last thing...beware the face dances.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Zombie Week: Day 4: Dance of the Dead

The awkwardness of being a teen, social cliques, cranky teachers who are unsatisfied with their lives. Yup, high school was really full of good times. Know what was missing though? Zombies. Might've made my Senior Prom like a gazillion times better.

Dance of the Dead (2008), written by Joe Ballarini and directed by Gregg Bishop, is a comedy horror about teens and zombies basically. Right off the bat the movie gives you an explanation for its walking dead; chemical contamination. And while all the more popular kids are getting ready for the nights dance, or Hawaiian Hula Prom, the geeks, freaks and outcasts are the only ones free to come to the rescue when the dead start jumping out of their graves, literally.
Leaping lizards! Them zambies is jumping!

Visibly low-budget, this movie is all about cheesy and corny horror scenes, which can be good or bad depending on your preference. Definitely a creative script, fast paced plot and lots and lots of blood. The make-up and visuals aren't always that great but, again, this is what corny horror movies are made of; cheap effects.

The cast is pretty likeable, and the soundtrack...well it's pretty unique. One interesting detail that I enjoyed very much? Yes, the music. Why? Because apparently it's the only way to tame or distract the zombies; through the power of punk and electric guitars. Unlikely, I know. But hey, a girl can dream right?

So, to wrap it up, if you like cheesy, corny, uber unlikely horror movies with zombie make-out scenes (oh no! spoiler!), then give this movie a chance. I wasn't disappointed in the least, it was a fun z-movie with a good cast, funny script and awesome fight scenes. But regardless, have a look at the trailer and decide for yourselves. I give this movie a 3.5/5

Zombie Week: Day 3: Juan of the Dead

Ever wonder what communist cuban zombies would be like?  Well I never did either, but regardless here they are.

This Spanish-Cuban movie was written and directed by Alejandro Brugués. Juan of the Dead (2011), as you may have noticed already, sounds a lot like Shaun of the Dead. Well that's because....in essence it kind of is. Juan and his idiot partner in crime, Lázaro, are much like the british Shaun and Ed, except they're cuban. But both duos are pretty much set in their slacker ways and neither of them are very motivated to turn over a new leaf any time soon.

As Juan and Lázaro conspire with their other associates in local petty crime: Vladi, who just happens to be Lázaros only son, along with La China and El Primo, strange events start to take place. There are increasing amounts of attacks by what the government claims are dissidents and anarchists sent by the U.S. Government. Instead of doing the neighbourly humanitarian thing and help those in need, Juan sees this situation as a business opportunity.

Yup, kill your perished loved ones...for a price. 

What partly made me interested in this movie was the fact that it takes place in Cuba, a place that seems  so closed off ever since the revolution over 50 years ago. Although the comedy in this movie does have political undertones, it doesn't overdo it to the point that someone without any knowledge of Cubas' political status and situation can't enjoy it.

To be honest I didn't know what to expect, but the whole movie was just refreshing to watch. I mean in a genre that people don't dedicate much time to, there are bound to be a shit load of crappy movies, but this one is truly a rare find. The zombies were especially nice, make-up and movements along with the visual effects.
Ok. Maybe they went a little too far. >.>

I really enjoyed the character development in this film because, even though the plot doesn't give out really detailed information about the casts past, it's enough for you to catch a glimpse of who they are and where they've been. Despite not being your typical lovable heroes, they still manage to make you like them to some degree.
They do make a pretty bad ass team.
So, zombies, communists and political jokes all in one movie. My only regret is that we didn't egt to see a zombiefied version of Castro. Besides that, I'd recommend this movie to anyone. It's a great movie that I'd definitely watch again.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Zombie Week: Day 2: Exit Humanity

Written and directed by John Geddes, Exit Humanity (2011) is a drama/horror that takes place during the American Civil war. Oh and it has zombies.The movie divides itself in chapters and mainly focuses on Edward Youngs struggle to survive through this catastrophic zombie infestation.

The movie is 114 minutes long, though the first 20 minutes of it feel as though they're 40 minutes. Meaning the beginning of the movie is terribly slow. We are the spectators to the contents of Edward Youngs' journal, as he narrates how this calamity came to be.

When I saw the trailer for this movie I thought 'Whoa this is like Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare made into a movie' (for those of you who don't know RDR: UN is a third-person shooter game about a zombie outbreak in the west). I was wrong...kind of.

Hmmm coincidence? ...

I'm not going to lie, less than half way through this movie I was tempted to quit but I stuck it through. After everyone Edward has known and loved perish, that being his wife, son AND horse, he meets Isaac, another survivor on a mission to rescue his sister who's been abducted by a General Williams who's a bit more than out of his mind. They team up and this is when things start to get interesting. There is a decent amount of zombies in this movie and one or two hordes of the living dead to quench if only a bit every zombie lovers thirst for walking cadavers along with corn syrupy blood for more realistic effects but its not exactly the movies forte. The make up isn't anything particularly special either, I mean it kind of just looks like a bad rendition to smokey eyes make up and a bad case oreo teeth to be honest.
Look at them pearly whites.

Something that did stand out was the acting, despite the low budgetness of it all, the acting is really something to admire in this film. Also the few animated scenes were very creative and well integrated into the movie. Exit Humanity does bring an interesting explanation for the zombie outbreak, witchcraft. Though this isn't original in the least, another similarity it has with RDR:UN, still given the time period it takes place in, it's as decent an explanation as any, other than man made virus or no explanation at all. 
All in all a good watch if you have the patience for it. Though if they were already copying RDR: UN's story line they might as well have included the Horses of the Apocalypse. Just sayin' ...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zombie week: Day 1: Fido

So, 1950's society facing the challenge of living in a zombie infested world. Your friends, your neighbours and loved ones, heck even that Ricky Jones from down the street you hate so much, cannot be trusted. Why? Because they're alive, and what do living things do? They die. What happens when people die? They get back up and bite you in the butt! Or in this case which ever exposed fleshy area they can get their teeth on first. But do not fret! Zomcon is here to save the day and keep you safe.

Fido(2006), directed by Andrew Currie, wirtten by Robert Chomiak Currie and Dennis Heaton, is a comedy horror about a world trying to adapt to life with zombies. Thanks to Zomcon and some weird collar, they've found a way to domesticate zombies in order to reap some benefits as they turn the zombies into servants, or slaves, depending on how you look at it.

 But the story mainly focuses on the Robinsons, Timmy Robinson(Kesun Loder) to be more precise. Timmy is a little boy who lacks friends and is most likely the oddball of the town for one reason or another. With a mother who does nothing but worry about keeping appearances and a clueless dad who's afraid of zombies Timmy pretty much keeps to himself. Till Mrs. Robinson, against her husbands wishes, orders a zombie servant from Zomcon in order to not be the only family on the block who doesn't own one. Fido (Billy Connoly) becomes something of a pet and friend to Timmy.

As far as zombie movies go, this one is pretty enjoyable. From start to finish it has this mixture of 1950's culture that merges with dark humour and zombies, making it impossible not to love.
 I like how the characters in this movie try to maintain their family values and while still trying to adjust to life after the Zombie wars. Good cast, decent amount of zombies, not as much gore as I would have liked but it's definitely a movie I'd consider adding to my collection and watching again.


Here's the trailer for you to enjoy and decide whether it's worth your time or not.

Also, on a final note, thanks to this movie I have a new found love for the band Squirrel Nut Zippers, whose song "Put a lid on it" is in the movies soundtrack.


         Ever since I could remember, I've always had a liking for horror movies; slashers, serial killers, sci-fi monsters that rip you limb from limb, demons, you name it. Among all my different types of horror flicks there is one I never tire of: zombies. The living dead wandering around, searching for warm flesh , or brains, to feast on. I have no preference for any type of zombie, may they be fast or slow, even HOLY-FUCK-FAST zombie, I like them all. So I've decided that i am going to dedicate a week to my love of Z movies and watch a different one every night. After doing so I will report back here and write about my impression of it. Why? Well, because I just needed an excuse to actively look for zombie movies but I hope others will enjoy.