Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zombie week: Day 1: Fido

So, 1950's society facing the challenge of living in a zombie infested world. Your friends, your neighbours and loved ones, heck even that Ricky Jones from down the street you hate so much, cannot be trusted. Why? Because they're alive, and what do living things do? They die. What happens when people die? They get back up and bite you in the butt! Or in this case which ever exposed fleshy area they can get their teeth on first. But do not fret! Zomcon is here to save the day and keep you safe.

Fido(2006), directed by Andrew Currie, wirtten by Robert Chomiak Currie and Dennis Heaton, is a comedy horror about a world trying to adapt to life with zombies. Thanks to Zomcon and some weird collar, they've found a way to domesticate zombies in order to reap some benefits as they turn the zombies into servants, or slaves, depending on how you look at it.

 But the story mainly focuses on the Robinsons, Timmy Robinson(Kesun Loder) to be more precise. Timmy is a little boy who lacks friends and is most likely the oddball of the town for one reason or another. With a mother who does nothing but worry about keeping appearances and a clueless dad who's afraid of zombies Timmy pretty much keeps to himself. Till Mrs. Robinson, against her husbands wishes, orders a zombie servant from Zomcon in order to not be the only family on the block who doesn't own one. Fido (Billy Connoly) becomes something of a pet and friend to Timmy.

As far as zombie movies go, this one is pretty enjoyable. From start to finish it has this mixture of 1950's culture that merges with dark humour and zombies, making it impossible not to love.
 I like how the characters in this movie try to maintain their family values and while still trying to adjust to life after the Zombie wars. Good cast, decent amount of zombies, not as much gore as I would have liked but it's definitely a movie I'd consider adding to my collection and watching again.


Here's the trailer for you to enjoy and decide whether it's worth your time or not.

Also, on a final note, thanks to this movie I have a new found love for the band Squirrel Nut Zippers, whose song "Put a lid on it" is in the movies soundtrack.