Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Zombie Week: Day 2: Exit Humanity

Written and directed by John Geddes, Exit Humanity (2011) is a drama/horror that takes place during the American Civil war. Oh and it has zombies.The movie divides itself in chapters and mainly focuses on Edward Youngs struggle to survive through this catastrophic zombie infestation.

The movie is 114 minutes long, though the first 20 minutes of it feel as though they're 40 minutes. Meaning the beginning of the movie is terribly slow. We are the spectators to the contents of Edward Youngs' journal, as he narrates how this calamity came to be.

When I saw the trailer for this movie I thought 'Whoa this is like Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare made into a movie' (for those of you who don't know RDR: UN is a third-person shooter game about a zombie outbreak in the west). I was wrong...kind of.

Hmmm coincidence? ...

I'm not going to lie, less than half way through this movie I was tempted to quit but I stuck it through. After everyone Edward has known and loved perish, that being his wife, son AND horse, he meets Isaac, another survivor on a mission to rescue his sister who's been abducted by a General Williams who's a bit more than out of his mind. They team up and this is when things start to get interesting. There is a decent amount of zombies in this movie and one or two hordes of the living dead to quench if only a bit every zombie lovers thirst for walking cadavers along with corn syrupy blood for more realistic effects but its not exactly the movies forte. The make up isn't anything particularly special either, I mean it kind of just looks like a bad rendition to smokey eyes make up and a bad case oreo teeth to be honest.
Look at them pearly whites.

Something that did stand out was the acting, despite the low budgetness of it all, the acting is really something to admire in this film. Also the few animated scenes were very creative and well integrated into the movie. Exit Humanity does bring an interesting explanation for the zombie outbreak, witchcraft. Though this isn't original in the least, another similarity it has with RDR:UN, still given the time period it takes place in, it's as decent an explanation as any, other than man made virus or no explanation at all. 
All in all a good watch if you have the patience for it. Though if they were already copying RDR: UN's story line they might as well have included the Horses of the Apocalypse. Just sayin' ...