Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zombie Week: Day 6: Dead Set Serious

Dead. Set. SERIOUS. Is like...really serious. Okay, not really. Basically this is fictional Big Brother set with zombies. Also gotta say right off the bat, I was misled into thinking this was a movie, but whatevs, I already watched it so here goes.

Dead Set Serious (2008) is a british t.v. mini series created by Charlie Brooker and directed by Yann Demange. As I mentioned previously, it's fictional version of a british Big Brother and while everyone in the house is busy trying to figure out how to attract more attention to themselves, there is a zombie outbreak occurring on the outside. As the cast bicker and fight among each other over petty issues they remain oblivious to the chaos taking place beyond their little studio set. They only vaguely start to suspect something is not quite right when they start to feel ignored by the crew.  

Yup...real reality.
I never got on the Big Brother bandwagon to be honest, but it doesn't seem any different from any other 'reality' show. You know, when you put semi-attractive and not-so-attractive "young" adults in a house with hot tubs and booze and wait for dramatic situations to occur in order to take them out of context later and make a really big deal out of them...I mean watch humans in their natural habitats being totes real. Totes...real.
Dead set serious really doesn't waste any time bringing in the zombie action, though there's never a clear explanation for the outbreak. One of the things I enjoy most about z-movies, and feel free to think me a sadist, is the manner in which society abruptly crumbles. Just like that, the rules that govern society, that keeps the masses civil, everything that you've ever known. Gone.
Sadly. :c
So for those of you who love a good blood bath with a side of chaos, that is definitely served at the beginning of this movie.
It's a very fast paced plot that will, without doubt, keep you on the edge of your seat. And with the cast being mostly full of idiots, you know you're in for a lot of 'close calls'.

The effects in my opinion were pretty awesome and definitely added to the gory magic of the show, even if the zombies did have weird clicky sounds that reminded me of that asian chick from The Grudge.
Still not as creepy looking as that grudge chick.

What I also find special about this show is the satire in it, it resembles that of George Romero in his z-movies. It's a really good social criticism I think, the whole 'zombies watching zombies', but you'll get that if you watch the show. I hope you do, because the plot is good, the action and gore are awesome and even when you're rooting for the zombies to win because the cast is idiotic some if not most of the time, they are somewhat likeable. Emphasis on somewhat.

So here's the trailer, have a look and be the judge. I give this movie a solid 4/5.