Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zombie Week: Day 7: The Horde

                A tale of revenge essentially, a mafia of sorts and french people. This 2009 french Z movie directed by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher is filled with crooked cops, scandalous secrets and impolite zombies getting in the way of a good ol' fashion drama that would otherwise just feature angry french folks crying and yelling and shooting off their guns at each other.

              Starting off at a funeral, a gang of crooked cops plot revenge on a nigerian mobster responsible for the death of their head honcho, detective Mathis Rivoallan. The gang make their way to the mobsters uber secret hideout club, I mean spot and it's not long before we're seeing gunfire in what is seemingly just another mobster vs cops action movie when things take an unexpected turn. What seems to be a bad situation gets a whole lot worse. Yes. You called it: ZAMBEHZ.


With the number of living humans diminishing at rapid rates the mobsters and angry cops have no other choice but to call a truce and join forces if only to increase their chances for survival. not before, of course, pouting and stomping their footsies a little. So they venture out with what fire arms they have and search for a way out of the building that more and more promises to be their tomb.

               Despite the flimsy plot I actually enjoyed this movie. The action was fast paced and the small dramatic parts did not linger for long. Although I must say the pouty-brooding attitudes (plus the never ending fight over who's the alpha male) from most of the characters did get old, and fast.
Careful ladies, the levels of testosterone oozing from this film are bound to spontaneously make you sprout chest hair and the manliest of handlebar moustaches.

               The kill scenes are quite beautiful and a piece of art within themselves. All the visual effects are quite impressive without going over the top or looking too low budget. Although in all honesty the zombies kind of look like angry people who recently lost their eyesight and chipped their teeth on a century old  strawberry poptart but HEY, I'm not judging.

So what I'm trying to say in oh-so-many words is that this movie has a good level of badassery.

       The ending was not really to my liking to say the least. It was like beating an uber hard boss battle after the billionth try only to have a circuit break and not being able to have saved it in time. But all in all this is a good zombie film packed full of sweaty action, inappropriate jokes and zombie guts galore. If you just so happen to see this movie I'd like to know what your impression of it was, so leave a comment below. But my final verdict is 3.5/5.

Behold the trailer: